How Do I Prevent A Sunburn On My Feet This Summer? By Top Rated Pomona, CA Foot Doctor

Over exposure to the sun can affect any area of skin left unprotected. Feet can sunburn, as can areas behind the ear, on the scalp, and more. What can you do to protect your feet and treat uncomfortable sunburn? Top-rated, Pomona, CA podiatrist, Dr. O’neill, shares suggestions to patients to help them take preventative measures to enjoy the summer season.

Sunburn On Feet Can Occur

While you apply sunblock, do not skimp on the feet and ankles. Your feet can easily become sunburned and for those that are at the beach or poolside, know that running along the sand and seawater exposure can remove applied sunblock. Make sure to reapply as directed by your podiatrist in Pomona, CA. Remember to cover the tops and bottom of feet as sunbathing can allow sun rays to hit any area of the foot.

Mistakes Happen

When your feet are sunburned, remove them from additional sun exposure. Remember to:

  • Cool the skin with cold compresses and avoid harsh soaps.
  • Moisturize damp skin with lotion that is not oil-based.
  • Hydrate with water and water-rich foods.
  • Reduce inflammation with NSAIDs and a topical 1 percent OTC cortisone cream or aloe vera.
  • Seek medical treatment with blistering and signs of fever, chills, or confusion.
  • Avoid touch the affected area.

The Pomona Valley Podiatry Group want patients to be informed about the best ways to avoid and treat sunburn on feet and other exposed areas. If you have suffered a sunburn, blistering, or infection, call our Pomona, CA podiatry office for a convenient appointment.

The information provided above is meant to provide educational information and should not be referred to as medical advice. Our Pomona, CA podiatry office staff are available to discuss your specific case needs.

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